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'This life is yours. Take the power to control your own life. No one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life happy'  Susan Polis Schutz

 Over the years I have been inspired by many people. Here are just a few of my favourite websites; 


Susan Jeffers ( March 1938 - October 2012)

On the Susan Jeffers website you will find a daily affirmation and quotation plus lots of other useful and inspiring information.

You can also order her books, one of my all time faves is 'Feel the fear and do it anyway' - highly recommended! Click on 'Susan's books and audios' for the full range.  


Iyanla Vanzant Website

An author of many inspirational books. I love 'Acts of Faith' and its daily messages - its my bible! Click on 'Products' in the main menu for a list of her books.  


Louise Hay (October 1926 - August 2017)

Her 'Heal your life' book and 'Power Book sticky cards' are never far away from me! The cards have sticky backs so can be stuck around the house or office, on walls, cupboards or on your pc at work, in fact, where ever you need them.  There are 50 individual cards which feature 50 different affirmations.

I also found her 'I can do it!' calender inspirational with a different positive statement for each day of the year.


For a daily dose of inspiration and positive thinking why not set up Louise Hay and/ or Susan Jeffers affirmation pages as your home page? I alternate between them from month to month. If you do, you will  receive a new positive affirmation each day when you log onto the internet.

Its especially useful if you set either affirmation page as your home page on your work pc- for instant affirmations at your desk or on your laptop. Or how about setting up Louise Hay on your home pc and Susan Jeffers on your work pc?

Don't forget to repeat your affirmations regularly throughout the day.............

The above mentioned books/ products can also be found on Amazon. 

'Paradise is exactly like where you are right now . . . only much, much better' Laurie Anderson

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